The wait is over,
it’s time to unwrap Wunderlist 2

December 18, 2012 - Comments

Just in time for Christmas, we’re super excited to deliver you Wunderlist 2. Available on iPhone, Mac, Android, Windows and the Web, Santa’s little helpers, aka our entire team, have worked tirelessly day and night to bring this early Christmas gift to you. So, without much further ado let’s rip off the gift wrap and take a closer look at Wunderlist 2 - your beautiful and simple to-do list.

When you first unwrap Wunderlist 2 you’ll notice it’s available for your iPhone, Mac, Android, Windows PC and Web Browser. Select your device of choice and let’s get started. Once you login we have a surprise waiting for you. Hint, we have made the move to Wunderlist 2 even easier. Simply log in with your existing account details and all your lists will appear ready for your use. Surprise!

There is a lot more to discover, so, let’s begin by filling you in on some of the details:

Detailed task view with reminders, notes and subtasks Invite your partner, friends or colleagues to your lists Activity center for all activity in your shared lists

Detail View

The Detail View plays host to your most requested features - Reminders along with Recurring and Subtasks! Here you can also add Notes, that include web link integration, auto save and the ability to attach and detach a note from a list item (allowing you to work in or out of the app). To get started simply open the Detail View of each list item and add as much or as little detail as you like. Oh and before we move on to the next feature, we must mention that the Detail View allows us to easily add even more features to Wunderlist in 2013. So, tell us, what’s on your wish list?


Whether it’s planning your NYE celebrations with friends or working on a project with your colleagues, we’ve now made it even easier to invite your contacts to get involved. Across all platforms you can now connect and invite your friends straight from your Facebook, all the while keeping your lists private within Wunderlist. Also, if you are using Wunderlist 2 on your Android, iPhone and Mac, we've integrated your address book to make collaborating with colleagues a breeze.

Activity Center

The Activity Center gives you a quick overview of your shared lists. Open it via the new shiny Bell icon and here you have a complete snapshot of all activities. But this is just the beginning. In Wunderlist 2 you can now stay informed with in-app, push and email notifications - the choice is yours!

Smart lists for Wunderlist 2 Minified view adapting and responding to any desktop preferences Added web content as a URL in Wunderlist Notes

Smart Lists

Remember the filter bar at the bottom of Wunderlist 1? We have removed it to make things just that little bit more focused. Instead of having filters permanently visible we’ve introduced Smart Lists. The functionality remains the same, but now they only appear when needed. The change offers a visually cleaner solution and increases the space available for things you need. Keep an eye out, as we plan to add even more functionality to Smart Lists soon.

Minified View on your desktop

Thanks to the Minified View, how you view and interact with Wunderlist is now entirely up to you. Wunderlist now adapts and responds depending on your viewing preference. Allowing you to use Wunderlist solely or alongside your favorite apps.

Chrome Extension

If Chrome is your browser of choice, you can now quickly add and collate all your favorite web content straight into Wunderlist. Whether it is adding a pair of shoes to your Christmas wish list or keeping track of all the articles you want to read later. Simply open the Wunderlist Chrome Extension while on the site and it will automatically save the URL as a new item to your list of choice. Add-ons for Firefox and Safari will also be coming soon.


When you first take a look at Wunderlist 2 it will feel familiar, yet completely new at the same time. Wunderlist 2 has been redesigned to include all new graphics, that look even better on retina displays. Our design team worked incredibly hard to keep the magic of the original Wunderlist, while making this gift extra special for you. It’s all about the details! So, let’s take a closer look at the Wunderlist icon, handmade pictograms or the subtle paper texture of the Subtasks.

New Foundations

Wunderlist 2 has now been completely rebuilt with all new native apps, individually handcrafted for each platform. Anyone who builds native apps, knows how much work it is to build just one app. We’ve created five - and we are launching all at the same time in 17 languages (with even more to come). Also, have we mentioned before that we have completely rewritten the API? Running 24/7 behind the scenes is now a brand new highly scalable and quickly extendible API, giving Wunderlist a whole lot more power under the hood.

This behind the scenes work has certainly been a huge challenge and took us some time. But, we hope that today when you open Wunderlist 2 you will notice subtle yet distinct changes. Like the change in speed, the seamless syncing of your data, the smoother transitions or the custom animations. The change goes well beyond what you see today. We have done all this work to guarantee that today’s gift, will be gift that keeps on giving. We’ll be rolling out much more regular updates to you.

Our commitment to you

We had to prioritize some features over others, which means that some of the Wunderlist 1 features have not made it into Wunderlist 2. But, don’t worry, we will bring those features back and work super hard to make them even better than before. Our commitment to you goes beyond just features. In early 2013 we’ll be delivering you Wunderlist 2 for iPad and Android tablets. If you can’t wait, just add the new tablet and touch-optimized Web App to your home screen.

The launch of Wunderlist 2 marks an extraordinary milestone for us and we are incredibly excited to give you an early Christmas present today. We hope it is one of the best presents you’ll receive!

Now, there’s only one thing left to say... Thanks a million to all of you for your amazing support during the last couple of months! Oh and stay tuned, in the new year we’re going to roll out even more features. So, get ready to say hello to Wunderlist 2.

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