Our Best Piece Yet
Wunderlist 3 is coming soon

July 10, 2014 - Comments

Cue the drum roll...Wunderlist 3 is coming very soon to your phone, tablet and computer! As our biggest update ever, we’ve packed in a beautiful new design, lightning-fast performance, Real-time Sync plus a whole lot more. What’s really got us excited though, is the completely new Wunderlist experience awaiting you. So as we make the final preparations before launch, here’s a sneak peek at Wunderlist 3...

###Every detail, even better

As you’ve been patiently waiting, we’ve hand-crafted and optimized every single detail, to make Wunderlist 3 our best piece yet. When we asked you how we could make Wunderlist even better at helping you keep your life in sync, the answer was simple. Speed, performance and more seamless sharing. We’ve made over 60 new improvements to deliver a completely new Wunderlist experience that’s truly a delight to use.

###Reserve your seat

With Wunderlist 3 you’ll get to experience a fleet of reengineered apps, a stunning new design and a whole new way to curate and share lists. Be one of the first to get Wunderlist 3 by reserving your seat at wunderlist.com/comingsoon. And be sure to follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Google+ for more Wunderlist 3 previews and news in the coming weeks.

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