Wunderlist and Dropbox Come Together

October 1, 2014 - Comments

UPDATE: Now available for iPhone, iPad, Android and the Web.

It’s time to welcome Wunderlist’s very first integration, Dropbox! Like two peas in a pod, your Dropbox files can now sit right alongside your to-dos in Wunderlist. As one of your most requested features, we’re super happy to let you now Assign, Comment and prioritize all of your Dropbox files in Wunderlist, making it easier than ever to keep your life in sync.

Everything in one place

Any file you work on can now be kept in one place, in Wunderlist. If you’ve ever added a File in Wunderlist before, adding a Dropbox file is just as easy. Available for Android, the Web and soon for iPhone & iPad, simply open the Detail View and click the paperclip or Dropbox icon.

Add all the details you need

Once you’ve selected your Dropbox file, we’ll add it as a link to your to-do. From there you can add all the details you need, like making sure everyone in your Shared List knows who is responsible, what needs to be done and when it needs to be completed.

Always in sync

As you go about making changes and updating your files on Dropbox, they’ll be automatically updated in Wunderlist so you’ll never have to worry about adding it again. And just like everything in Wunderlist, all of your Dropbox files will be instantly synced across both your and your team’s devices, to make collaborating a breeze.

Once you start, you can’t stop

We really hope that you’ll love using our new integration with Dropbox, because nothing makes us happier than making your most requested features come to life. And we’re looking to keep the good vibes rolling by rolling out more integrations, starting with a Calendar feed. So be sure to let us know what other apps you’d like to see Wunderlist integrations for in the comments below.

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