Wunderful things are in store for 2012

January 9, 2012 - Comments

Drumroll please! It’s time to talk Wunderkit again. But what in particular? Well… where we’re at right now, how far we’ve got to go, and our elusive beta invite roll-out process. Our baby’s about to be born, and with this post, we’d like to take the opportunity to share some important updates with you.

The last 12 months have been crazy – as you all know we’ve released Wunderlist on no less than 6 platforms – all the while developing Wunderkit in the shadows. On top of this, we’ve managed to squeeze in work on Wunderlist for two new devices – Blackberry and Windows Phone 7.

It’s safe to say we’ve been working flat out all year, but even so, Wunderkit has taken a little longer than we expected. It turns out that our target of a late 2011 release was slightly ambitious, so now we’re taking this opportunity to explain to you what’s been going down here at 6Wunderkinder HQ.

The journey

During the Wunderkit creation process, we ran into a few issues (like all large software products do). So, in true startup fashion, we constantly challenged ourselves and made regular changes to the product, its code and its features until we were truly satisfied with what we had. Despite this contributing to a delay in the release of the product, we’ve never looked back.

So where are we now? The reason we’ve been a bit quiet over the past few weeks is that each and every one of us has been pouring 100% of our energy into Wunderkit to ensure that you guys receive the best experience possible. We’ve been living and breathing Wunderkit for the past year. Most of the team even dream about it. Eric, our Product Manager, likes to cuddle a screenshot of Wunderkit as he drifts off to sleep. We’re that dedicated. As it stands right now, Wunderkit is in closed beta. That means around 150 people are already in and using the product. We’ve still got a wealth of improvements to make, so we’re aiming for an early February public launch.

As soon as those improvements have been taken care of however, it will be time to roll out the red carpet. We will be trickling out the beta invites in stages, so we can continue testing, scale smoothly and squish any last bugs. First will come those that tweeted at the PICNIC event in September – look out for an announcement on our social channels telling you how you can get access. Next in line is the beta waiting list. As explained on the sign up page, a smart little algorithm will determine who goes to the top of the list. But don’t worry if you’re not right at the top – you’ll still get in before it goes public. We’re implementing a system of open invites – this means that when you get into Wunderkit, you’ll be able to invite your friends, family, co-workers, dog – whoever you want – via email.

Down the road

This is the very first version of Wunderkit, and we are brimming with ideas to improve, grow and evolve it over the coming months. However, we shouldn’t be the only ones with a say in the matter – we also want you guys to share your ideas and opinions with us. So when the time comes, your feedback and suggestions will be welcomed with open arms.

What about Wunderlist, I hear you ask? Don’t worry, we certainly won’t be neglecting Wunderlist in favor of the new addition to the family. In fact, we’re working on major improvements on all platforms, as well as introducing it on new ones.

A final word

We haven’t said it enough: we want to thank all of you for your patience and understanding. We sincerely hope you have as much fun using Wunderkit as we did creating it.

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