Wunderlist available on the Mac App Store.

June 8, 2011 - Comments

Exciting times at 6Wunderkinder HQ! We’re thrilled to announce that Wunderlist is now available in the Mac App Store. It’s great to know that we are now part of this awesome marketplace.

Not only will it provide a one stop shop for our users to update Wunderlist, it will also attract new users through the added exposure. After one day of the initial release, we we’re featured worldwide with a big teaser in the Mac App Store. Maybe Steve Jobs just read our last blog post.

Why it’s awesome for you

  • The Mac App Store is similar to the App Store on the iPhone or the Android Market for Android phones – apps are really simple to find, install and update. Automatic updates are handled by the Mac App Store
  • If you need to reinstall OS X for any reason, the Mac App Store will allow you to download all your previously installed software conveniently
  • Apps are reviewed by Apple and rated by users – now you can have your say as to how you review Wunderlist and communicate to other users

Why it’s awesome for us

  • Reach more Mac users (especially when you get featured, it’s great for marketing)
  • Use analytics to track downloads of your app
  • Easier to push out updates
  • We receive your feedback immediately and can improve our app quickly

Installation notes

If you already have Wunderlist installed, it’s better to first remove the exisiting application by drag and dropping it into the trash – otherwise you will have 2 versions of Wunderlist installed.

Note on Version Numbers

The current Mac version available on our website is version 1.2.1. The Mac App Store version is currently 1.0.0. There is absolutely no difference between these two versions and we are in the process of updating the Mac App Store download to version 1.2.1. Sorry for the confusion.


There are no differences between the downloadable app and the app from the Mac App Store except for the updating process. You don’t have to manually download the app from the website anymore. The Mac App Store will notify you when an update is available. However, we will still provide a downloadable version on our website.


To download Wunderlist from the Mac App Store you have to use Mac OS X 10.6.6 (Snow Leopard) or later.

If you’re running on an older version of Mac OS X (i.e. Leopard), you can download Wunderlist directly on our website.

We have plenty of more announcements to make in the near future! In case you missed our blog post from yesterday, here are our thoughts on Steve Jobs entering the productivity marketplace.

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