A Smarter Wunderlist
With Folders, Quick Add and more

March 12, 2015 - Comments

Get ready to get stuff done the smart way. Arriving today is one of the biggest updates to Wunderlist ever. Folders, Quick Add, Android Lollipop and a new Home View design are here! Together, these brand-new features will help you stay organized at work, home and everywhere in between. Let’s dive into the details.

Focus on what matters with Folders

Lists have always been at the heart of Wunderlist. They’re easy to use, incredibly powerful and do a great job at organizing your to-dos. But what happens when you start adding lots of lists for your projects at work or home? Meet Folders, one of your most requested features ever!

Folders are a simple way to organize your lists. Say for example, that you’re using Wunderlist at work to manage your projects, but you also have lists for home and travel too—creating Folders will help keep them separate from one another. All you need to do is click and drag a list onto another list or long-tap on Android, to create a folder. Now when the weekend rolls around, simply click on your ‘Work’ Folder to close it and then on ‘Home’ to view your TV, Movies and Groceries lists. Folders for Wunderlist will help you get even more stuff done by letting you focus on just the lists you need, when you need them.

Pro Tip: Create an ‘Archive’ Folder for all the lists that you only need some of the time or for when you want to keep a record of completed projects. If you ever need a list again, simply click and drag it out of the Folder.

Best of all though, Folders are free for everyone! Plus, it’s available right now on Wunderlist for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android, Chrome, Windows & Windows Phone, Windows 7, and on the Web!

Introducing Quick Add for iPhone

With Folders now helping keep your lists organized, we wanted to make adding to-dos and reminders a whole lot smarter, too. So, come and say a quick hello to Quick Add for iPhone.

As soon as you open Wunderlist on your iPhone you’ll see a new blue circle. Tap it to add a new to-do or to create a new list. What’s so smart, you ask? You can instantly send your new to-do to any of your lists without ever leaving your Home View.

But the real magic of Quick Add happens when you start typing or speaking. To help you instantly capture your Due Dates and Reminders, Quick Add comes with an intelligent bit of technology that detects phrases like “Monday at 9am”.

Quick Add then automatically creates a Due Date and Reminder for your to-do, so you can go straight back to what you were doing. This smart new feature is available now for iPhone and will be coming to your other Wunderlist apps too.

Wunderlist for Android Lollipop

Over the past few months, we’ve been burning the midnight oil to give Wunderlist for Android a beautiful new design for the latest Android OS—Lollipop. From bright bursts of color that match your background to the fun new transitions and hand-crafted animations, each element of Wunderlist for Android has been given the complete Material Design treatment.

There’s more than just a new design. We’ve also re-built Wunderlist for Android from the ground up making it faster than ever before. With the built-in Add to Wunderlist sharing widget; Android Wear & Google Now support; and Widgets, Wunderlist for Android Lollipop will help you be more productive than ever before. And, you guessed it, it’s available right now in Google Play!

A pop of color for your Home View

When we started designing Folders, we wanted to do more than just help you organize your lists and projects. We saw an opportunity to make the Home of your Lists and now Folders even better with a brand new design.

Thanks to a refreshing pop color and twelve new hand-crafted pictograms, your Home View isn’t just easier on the eyes, it’s now also even easier to use. Wunderlist Home View’s new design makes it simpler, smarter and faster to find the Smart List, Folder or List you’re looking for. It’s available right now on iPhone, iPad, Android, and Mac, and will be coming Web, Windows and Chrome over the next few weeks.

What’s Next

With Folders to help you organize your projects, Quick Add to help you instantly capture reminders, and the new Home View that helps you easily find the lists you need, Wunderlist is now more intuitive than ever. And it’s all designed to help you get stuff done faster and in smarter ways than ever before.

So what’s coming next after one of our biggest updates ever? Integrations! We’ll be making Wunderlist even smarter, by giving you the ability to sync your lists with some of your favorite products (like Gmail and Slack). Oh, and we have a few other surprises for you too! So make sure you follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and sign up to our Newsletter to get all the latest Wunderlist updates.

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