Wunderlist 2 for Android
Just Got Another New Feature

February 21, 2013 - Comments

Today, we wanted to introduce you to a seriously cool new feature for your Android devices that we hope will make you just that little bit more productive!

Last week Roman Nurik, a Google employee, created a pretty awesome Android
widget, called DashClock. DashClock is a lock screen widget for Android 4.2+ but
with a nice twist - it allows for visible extensions. Replacing the default clock the new widget comes bundled with extensions that give you instant access to:

  • Your current local weather
  • Missed calls and unread text messages
  • Your next calendar appointment
  • Unread Gmail inbox or priority inbox conversations
  • Your next scheduled alarm

And, today it gets the Wunderlist treatment. Yes, our Android Developers have worked incredibly hard (and might we add rather fast) this last week to get you this update, so let’s walk you through the details.

Once you have added Wunderlist to your DashClock you will be able to quickly get an overview of a selected list directly from your device’s locked screen. That means while your phone or tablet is still locked, you can see the title of the list and the number of open to-dos for quick and easy actioning. Maybe it’s your grocery list that you want to quickly access or perhaps it’s your most pressing work to-dos that you want a constant reminder of. Either way it certainly makes staying on top of your to-dos very easy.

We’ve also made it super easy to access the further details of the selected list. With just one tap the list will open within Wunderlist. Furthermore, you can change the list you want direct access to at any time by going to the configuration screen and selecting another list. Pretty neat, hey?!

To add the DashClock widget to your Android 4.2 device's lock screen, simply swipe to the left-most page of your lock screen and touch the "+" icon. Then select "DashClock" to customize and add the widget. You can make this the primary lock screen widget, replacing the default clock, by first touching-and-holding it and then dragging it horizontally to the very rightmost position. Now, to add Wunderlist to your DashClock, open the widget, head to settings, tap “Add Another Extension” then select “Wunderlist”. Too easy!

By now you should have all received a notification notifying you of the update to your Wunderlist app. If not, just simply head on over to the Google Play Store and download it now!

With this update we are also releasing a host of new improvements that you won’t directly see but will no doubt experience. We are talking improvements in speed, reliability and sync. So, be sure to update all your Android devices now.

Oh, and if you are using Wunderlist on your iPhone, iPad, Windows PC or Web, we have some pretty nice updates arriving for you tomorrow. To be the first to know stay tuned here, or to our Facebook, Twitter or G+.

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