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Just got a new look plus a whole lot more

October 21, 2015 - Comments

Today we’ve brought our new design to Android. From the Home View to the Detail View we’ve completely redesigned the look of your fav app to make it sleeker and even more intuitive. But that’s not all–there’s much, much more. Read on to see what else is new and click that Update button if you haven’t already.

A brand new look

The first thing you’ll notice after updating Wunderlist for Android is how easy it is to see everything at a glance. We’ve minimized your avatar so that you can quickly and easily see more of what you want to see–your lists! Now head into the Detail View of one of your to-dos and you’ll really see the new look hard at work. We’ve streamlined the Detail View to let you see your Subtasks, Notes, Files, Due Dates and Comments without getting overwhelmed by all the information. It’s now easier to add, edit and review all the details in your to-do.

Add to-dos… straight from the Notification bar

Busy sending an email or chatting to a colleague when you realize that you forgot to do something very important? We are making it easier and easier for you to add your to-dos while you work. First things first, tap on your avatar in Wunderlist to take you to Settings > Account > Notifications and enable Quick Add Notification. Now that you’ve got that out of the way, you can start adding to-dos straight from your notification bar.

Pull down your Notifications to see Wunderlist’s new prompt: “What would you like to do?”. Tapping on it lets you add a to-do straight to your Wunderlist. The best part? If you’re busy in another app when to-do inspiration strikes then we’ve minimized the distraction. Simply type your to-do, tap Add and, before you blink, you’ll be back to writing that message, email or browsing your Feed.

Add to-dos… with our brand new Quick Add

We’ve simplified our Quick Add button so that you can immediately add your to-do at the touch of a button whilst in Wunderlist, just tap on the big blue button in the Home View, add your to-do and choose which list it belongs in. Looking for the option to create a new List? Well, we’ve moved that to the bottom of the Home View now, so just scroll down.

Pro Tip: If that’s not enough ways to add a to-do on your Android device then don’t forget our Wunderlist Widget, where you can add and see your to-dos straight from your phone’s Home Screen.

Integrate with Google Now and get more from your to-dos

If you have the Google App on your phone then chances are that you’ve already discovered our Wunderlist Now Cards. With the Android Marshmallow 6.0 update Google Now is venturing into your lists. Google Now on Tap will scan your lists and bring up any relevant information that you might be interested in. Give it a go now. Head to your Movies to Watch list, then long press on your home button and see what pops up.

Manage your permissions

If you’ve just downloaded Wunderlist on Android Marshmallow 6.0 then you may have noticed a small change. We no longer ask for permissions when you download the app but rather only when we need to access something new. Never share your lists with your contacts in Wunderlist? Well, we’ll never ask you for access to your contacts then. You can pick and choose what access you want to give Wunderlist, depending on how you use it.

What else can you do on your Android?

There are a few little tricks that you might not be aware of on your Android so here’s a reminder of some of our favorites.

  1. Bulk change your due dates: Want a day off but have lots of to-dos due? Have a relaxed day by changing all your due dates to tomorrow at once. Just hard press on the first to-do and then tap on all the other to-dos you want to change. Tap on the calendar in the top bar and choose which date you want to move your to-dos to.
  2. Duplicate your lists: Always travelling and prefer to just copy your tried-and-true Travel List each time you fly? With Android, you can! Just head to your List, tap on the 3 circles in the Title bar and hit Duplicate List. Want to use this function a lot? Create a Templates Folder to keep all your lists that you use over and over.
  3. Smart Due Dates: We’ve made it super easy for you to add your to-dos while you type. When you add a to-do just type 'today at 9am' or 'next Tuesday' to add a due date and reminder automatically. Yes, it really is that simple!
  4. Replace your icons with emojis: Put an emoji at the front of your list title and watch your Home Screen come to life as all the list icons will now be replaced with your emojis.

Being productive has never been easier! We’ll continue to bring out great integrations and improvements to make it even easier for you to get stuff done. What’s at the top of your wishlist for Android? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter or Facebook, and sign up to our Newsletter to keep abreast of new updates.

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