Wunderlist for Android?
Rebuilt, relaunched and really awesome!

September 5, 2011 - Comments

It’s been a little over 5 months since we launched Wunderlist for Android, and today we have some big news for all you droid heads. Lock and load your HTC Desires and Galaxy Tabs, Wunderlist has been rebuilt… from the ground up. No longer will you have to wait a second too long to enter a task, gone are the days of instability, want a widget? You got it. In the words of Daft Punk, Wunderlist for Android is ‘Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger’.

We didn’t just sit there and write lines of code for this. We travelled to a far away land on our unicorns, and found this beast at the end of a rainbow. Ok, that’s a lie. We did sit there and write lines of code, but with all the flamboyance of that very strange story. We wanted to improve Wunderlist for Android beyond your expectations, and make it one of the best damn apps available on the Android Market. We think we’ve got the goods.

Back to the drawing board

So why the change? Right off the bat, we’d like to say that we love the current Wunderlist for Android client, and so do others. But we always believe we can make things better, even if it means tearing old ideas up and starting from scratch. This blog post, for example, is in its fifth revision. The other versions were good, but I really wanted this to be something special – maybe a movie script one day. I’m sure Spielberg would dig it. Anyway, starting from scratch is important, and that’s what we did for Android. We rebuilt Wunderlist from the ground-up and now it’s native and completely brand new, giving us better scope to improve it for every device in the future. If there’s one thing we hope you’ve learned about 6Wunderkinder, it’s that perfection is key.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the all-new Wunderlist for Android

Go on, download a copy and fire it up. What’s new, exactly? Let’s take a look:

  • Drastic increase in overall speed and snappiness
  • Greater stability
  • Smaller footprint for those low capacity devices
  • Bundled Widget
  • Push notifications now as standard
  • Small UI improvements

I’m not sure if you saw our tweets, but we’ve been beta testing the new version this week. So what did you droidaholics think?

“The overall performance is really excellent now, no comparison to the version before

  • Hendrik Meyer

“The performance improved quite a lot. Well done on that front

  • Victor Scaletchi

Widget is a huge plus!”

  • Spencer Shwetz

Overall, the performance of Wunderlist for Android is incredible. There are many productivity tools out there for Android, but we believe Wunderlist is the best. With our new widget task tracking is even easier. You can view your ‘today’ tasks right from the home screen so you’re always up to date, or if you want to quickly add a task just tap on the + sign at the top right and you’ll be taken right into the app. It’s everything that you know and love about Wunderlist, but even faster and smarter.

Building Wunderlist for Android again, natively, has given us greater control over what we want to do, and how to fix and improve it in the future. As I’ve said, perfection is key. We’ve gone right back to the start, just for you, because your user experience is the most important thing to us. As you would expect, Wunderlist for Android is free and available in the Android Market.

Before you download, you need to take a few steps to ensure your data is safe. If you are already using Wunderlist with an account, sync one last time before you download the new version. If you have been using Wunderlist for Android without an account, you’ll have to create one. Once you have, sync before you download. So, without further adieu, go forth and download now droidsters.

We are always adding awesome feature requests and improvements from you to our Android roadmap, so what would you like to see in the next update?

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