Wunderlist for Android Wear

January 29, 2015 - Comments

Getting stuff done on the go is now a whole lot easier with Wunderlist for Android Wear. Whether you need to know what’s on your agenda, capture an idea or love using Reminders, Wunderlist for Android Wear is here to help make you more productive and keep your life in sync.

Your personal grocery store assistant

Wunderlist for Android Wear might not be able to buy all the items on your grocery list for you, just yet (that’s still a top secret work-in-progress), but it can make your shopping trips a whole lot simpler. Instead of having to juggle your phone, the milk and your shopping cart, you can now keep your grocery list on your wrist.

To get started, just open up Wunderlist on your phone and head to the settings menu. Scroll down a little and you’ll be able to choose which list shows on your smartwatch. Now when you’re in the store, you can see exactly what you need to buy and check-off the items just by swiping to the right.

“Ok Google, make a note...”

Whenever you’re on the go and you need to capture a reminder or idea, just start talking. “Ok Google, make a note to reserve a table at Katz Orange.” In just a few short seconds, your to-do will be added to your Wunderlist Inbox. But if you’re in need of the full power of Wunderlist for Android, just say “Ok Google, open Wunderlist.” to open the app on your phone. No waiting required.

Notifications on the go

Say goodbye to rummaging around in your bag or pocket just to see what’s happening across your lists. To make staying on top of your to-dos easier, all of your notifications show up directly on your Android Wear. And to keep you more productive while on the go, you can dictate a reply to a Comment from a colleague or snooze a Reminder if you’re running behind schedule, all from your smartwatch.

As one of best apps of 2014, we’re super excited to be bringing you Wunderlist for Android Wear. It’s the perfect companion to our suite of Google-based apps - Wunderlist for Android, our Chrome extension Add to Wunderlist, Wunderlist New Tab and Wunderlist for Chrome app. If that’s not enough Android love, you’ll be happy to hear that our Material Design update is on its way! So make sure you sign up to our Newsletter and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to make sure you don’t miss out on the latest Wunderlist news.

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