Wunderlist for Apple Watch
Your most personal to-do list yet

April 24, 2015 - Comments

Your day is busy. It’s packed with meetings, emails, calls, errands, and everything inbetween. So what if Wunderlist could always be on your wrist reminding you about your next appointment or your most pressing to-dos? Say hello to Wunderlist for Apple Watch.

When we set about designing Wunderlist for Apple Watch, we wanted to make the most of being able to wear your lists on your wrist. We’ve focussed every interaction to be incredibly personalized by giving you just the to-dos you need, when you need them. So let’s dive right into how Wunderlist for Apple Watch will help you stay productive throughout your day.

7:00 AM — Your agenda at a Glance

Whether you’re sitting down for breakfast or commuting to the office, you can use a Glance to view your agenda for the day ahead. Just raise your wrist, swipe up, and you’ll find all of your to-dos that are due today. You can then check off your to-dos and enjoy a little island vacay when you’re done (wink).

10:00 AM — Reminders to keep you in sync

As you move through your day, you can say goodbye to rummaging around in your bag or pocket just to see what you need to do next. With a subtle tap on your wrist, Wunderlist for Apple Watch’s hyper-relevant notifications make sure you’ll never miss a beat.

1:00 PM — All your to-dos with the new Home View

With Glances, reminders and notifications helping you get your most important to-dos done, we also wanted to make it easy to access your lists too—all without having to pull out your iPhone. So we’ve designed a brand new Home View, that lets you quickly find your lists from the Apple Watch on your wrist.

Say you’re at a lunch meeting and need to talk about how your project’s going. Just press the Digital Crown and open the app. Your Smart Lists are at the top so you can jump right to your Inbox and most pressing to-dos. And to get to a specific list, just scroll down with the Digital Crown.

6:00 PM — Hands-free, all-day productivity

With your work now done for the day, it’s time to do your grocery shopping the smart way. Wunderlist for Apple Watch offers a unique hands-free experience, so you no longer have to choose between seeing your grocery list and juggling your phone, milk and shopping cart. Instead, Wunderlist becomes your perfect personal assistant. Simply open your grocery list, check off your to-dos through the store and you’ll be cooking up a storm at home in no time.

We really think you’ll love having Wunderlist for Apple Watch by your side, helping you get stuff done throughout your day. We also think you’ll love what we’ve got planned in the next updates too! That’s right, we’re already working on some helpful new features, including the ability to add to-dos with just your voice from your wrist as well as replying to incoming Comments.

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