Survive Finals Week
With Wunderlist

May 16, 2013 - Comments

Finals week is here! Chances are the library is your second home and you’re becoming immune to coffee, eeek. Now more than ever, staying organized and motivated is key. To help you stay on track, we’ve noted down some handy tips on how Wunderlist can help you breeze through the end of Spring semester. So, are you ready to ace all those finals and group projects? OK, let’s begin:

#1 Stop relying on pen and paper

Pens run out of ink. Notebooks get lost. And, most of us can’t even read our own handwriting, sigh. As your daily companion, Wunderlist solves all these issues by safely keeping your to-dos in the cloud. Available for free across iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android, Windows and the Web, Wunderlist lets you access your tasks from absolutely anywhere. Think about it. From your laptop in class, you can create a list of all the topics that will be on the next exam. Then, refresh your memory by accessing the list on-the-go from your phone while waiting for the bus or late friends.

#2 Stop missing out

In the span of one day, you might have multiple classes, meetings with professors, and group study sessions. Adding events to your Wunderlist inbox with a “due date” of when they’re taking place is a neat trick to transform the pre-made “Today” Smart List into your daily agenda. You can also keep classmates updated on the latest going-ons by sharing lists and using the Wunderlist Activity Center (the bell icon at the top of the app) to see when to-dos have been added, edited, or checked off by friends.

#3 Stop losing research

To study for exams, we search the internet for helpful resources. We might see something online that we need to read or watch but don’t have the time just yet. The Add to Wunderlist browser extension allows you to save items to a list, automatically importing the website link so you can return later. This feature also eliminates distractions by allowing you to save those funny cat videos for later viewing, ahem, outside the library.

#4 Stop missing deadlines

Create a new list for each of the classes you’re taking. For example, one for Marketing, another for Finance, and one for Anthropology. Then, add all final to-dos in the corresponding list with a due date and reminders via your choice of push or email notifications. This way, you’ll be able to see what’s due that day and look in the Week Smart List for projects due in the next few days.

#5 Stop getting overwhelmed

Big projects can sometimes feel more intimidating than a first date. Use the Subtasks feature to meet deadlines by breaking larger goals down to more actionable tasks. For something like a 5,000 word paper, you would want to include Subtasks like (1) find resources (2) write outline (3) write first draft (4) submit first draft for review, and so on. Set a due date for extra motivation along the way.

Need even more?

Graduate to Wunderlist Pro for the ability to delegate to-dos to others (even if they’re on the free version of Wunderlist). Say you’re working on a group project, go ahead and Assign tasks like “organize the presentation deck” to one person and “edit the paper” to another. This eliminates any confusion around who was responsible for that bibliography page, while keeping everyone up to date on the group’s progress. This, plus Unlimited Subtasks, eight additional backgrounds and soon the added ability to attach Files to your to-dos, is all yours for just $4.99/month (that’s less than a questionable cafeteria meal).

No worries if you’re a commitment-phobe, explore the free features of Wunderlist before settling down with Wunderlist Pro. Either way, Wunderlist will make sure that you never miss a deadline or lose your group study notes ever again. Now before you go out there and check another semester off your list we have created a quick video that captures all the tips above. Good luck!

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