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May 28, 2013 - Comments

Let’s admit it, planning your summer vacation has you completely stressed out. Spending hours comparing hotels, forgetting things at home, and lugging around a dated guidebook all defeat the actual purpose of a vacation. Add drama over lack of coordination between travel mates and you might find yourself struggling to even get excited for that overseas adventure or road trip.

Wunderlist dissolves all your worries by keeping travel details in one convenient location, easily available across all your devices. Want a stress-free summer vacation? Read on for three planning tips:

#1 Online research simplified:

The Add to Wunderlist browser extension lets you save content from around the web to a list. And today, we’ve added the nifty Add to Wunderlist button directly on Yelp and TripAdvisor right next to the usual share icons.

This means you can add different flight and hotels to a list while you decide which is the right option for you. Traveling with others? Share the list to ensure everyone approves of the logistics. Once you book, keep others in the loop by sending the confirmation email directly to the shared list via the Add to Wunderlist browser extension on Gmail, Outlook, or Yahoo! Mail.

And remember, anyone can build an Add to Wunderlist button on top of their favorite website. The more we create, the more everyone benefits.

#2 Pack all the essentials:

It’s bad when you leave your sunglasses at home. Even worse when it’s your phone charger. Forget about ever having to go on an errand run while on vacation. Just add everything you need for your trip to a list and check off items as you pack. Share the list with others for a friendly mom-like reminder.

With the Wunderlist Pro assigning feature, you can even entrust a specific person with the responsibility to bring something. This way you’ll never have to go without music at the beach because your friend left their JAMBOX at home. Or, bring a huge bottle of shampoo because you weren’t sure others would remember.

#3 Leave the guidebook at home:

Do you travel to try new food? More of an art person? Just add cafes, museums, and the sights you want to explore to Wunderlist. With just one click, Facebook integration lets you share the list with friends to get their trusted advice on the places you shouldn’t miss.

With Wunderlist in your pocket, you won’t have to waste money on those heavy travel guides. Your handcrafted itinerary will be available right in your pocket. Yep, this means more valuable space in your luggage for bringing interesting finds back home.

With the logistics smoothed out, an itinerary in hand, and all the essentials packed, you’re well on your way to an awesome vacation. Share the love for planning by commenting below on how you use Wunderlist to organize trips. Oh, and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ for our latest news and tips.
Bon voyage friends!

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