Wunderlist for Windows 10 is Here!

October 2, 2015 - Comments

It’s time to introduce you to the best Wunderlist for Windows app yet. Packed with a brand new design, Live Tiles and a more personal way to add to-dos with Cortana, Wunderlist for Windows 10 will help you get stuff done the smart way. But before we show you around what’s new, let’s get to what you really want to do... go ahead and hit the button below!

A new design that’s every part Windows 10

The first thing you’ll see when opening up Wunderlist for Windows 10 is our brand new look. It’s now easier to read your to-do’s thanks to crystal clear backgrounds and wonderful themes and colors - just take a closer look at the revised Sidebar and Detail View, and the new title bar that shows both your list’s name and Action Bar.

But it’s more than just a new design. Wunderlist for Windows 10 represents a more inclusive and accessible design for everyone. The new look has allowed us to add better keyboard support and high contrast themes. Together, all of these thoughtful additions make Wunderlist even better at helping you get stuff done.

“Hey Cortana...”

This is one smart feature we think you’ll absolutely love. We’re very excited to announce that everyone’s favorite personal assistant now works seamlessly with Wunderlist!

If an idea or to-do strikes when you’re working away in another app on your PC, simply say “Hey Cortana, add finalize presentation tomorrow to Wunderlist” and she’ll instantly add your to-do for you with a Due Date and Reminder. She’ll even show you your agenda for the day, “Hey Cortana, show me my Wunderlist to-dos due today.” When you switch back to Wunderlist, you’ll find your to-do in your Inbox where you can add Notes or move it to another list.

Work the way you want to

Making the most of Windows 10’s flexible layouts, Wunderlist can now adapt to the way you want to work. Whether you like to keep everything in separate Windows on your desktop, immerse yourself in full-screen mode, Snap Wunderlist to the side while you multitask, or stay productive on the go using tablet mode—Wunderlist for Windows 10 does it all. So no matter which Windows 10 device you use, you’ll always get the perfect Wunderlist experience.

If you find yourself needing to focus on just your to-dos, you’ll love the new Sidebar button. Click on the three short lines at the top left of the app and it’ll snap to the side, giving you a clean, simple view of your to-dos.

Pro Tip: Keep track of your most-important lists by pinning them to Start. Simply right-click or long-tap a list within and then select “Pin to Start”.

Wunderlist for Windows 10 is coming to your phone

To borrow J.R.R. Tolkien’s famous words, the one app to rule them all is coming. We’re working away on making Wunderlist for Windows 10 a truly universal app, that will work across all of your Windows devices - PC, tablet and phone. So make sure you sign up to our Newsletter to find out when it’s ready.

Before we sign off, we need to tip our hats to all of our Beta testers who have helped in making this release happen—Thank you! And as always, we’d love to hear what you think about Wunderlist for Windows 10 in the comments below or on Twitter or Facebook.

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