Wunderlist for Windows Phone?
Have no fear, it's right here!

March 21, 2012 - Comments

You better believe it! The tenth member of the Wunderlist family has finally arrived. After an exciting and fruitful affair with Metro, we’re proud to show the world our love child. Wunderlist for Windows Phone 7 is a mobile client sporting a totally new look and feel for the 6Wunderkinder product line. You’re gonna love it.

It looks like the Microsoft genetics have overpowered our design here, but it’s all good – really good in fact. We can’t wait for you to try it out. Thanks to Metro you can experience your tasks in a whole new way. Enjoy bigger, beautiful text. Slide your way around lists. Oh, and did we mention you can keep that loose change in your wallet? It’s still completely free, just like our other apps.


The Metro UI is very different to what you’re currently used to when using Wunderlist elsewhere. We had to sit down and figure out exactly how to transfer Wunderlist over to the Metro UI, without losing the Wunderlist you know and love. We think we found a good solution, and placed some extra icing on top.

Our incredible UI whizz kid Ben Rösner went to work. He got so into the project that there was talk that his iPhone had left him. He didn’t care. After months of hard work, Ben simply couldn’t hold his excitement any more. He casually drifted over to Dribbble and previewed the UI).

Following Ben’s preview, you went crazy. It’s so nice for us to hear that our hard work is already being appreciated, even before launch. We had articles cropping up here, there and everywhere. Today it’s official, it’s here. But don’t worry – although Wunderlist for WP7 has a new face, we’ve tried our best to retain our famous simplicity and ease of use.


On first launch you’ll enter the so-called Panorama, a dashboard-like way to experience your tasks that you won’t find anywhere else in the Wunderlist family. It was worth the wait just for that alone. Peak at your most important tasks right from Panorama, and have direct access to all of your lists and filters.

Aside from that, you can enjoy the usual Wunderlist goodness: due dates, reminders and notes. Wunderlist for Windows Phone 7 works perfectly alongside its older brothers and sisters.


Today’s release works on Windows Phone devices running 7.1. Search for Wunderlist using the Marketplace application and grab your copy now. Publishing to some devices may take a few hours, so check back later if it doesn’t show up for you straight away. We hope you enjoy it, and please feel free to leave your comments below! With love, the 6Wunderkinder team.

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