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July 14, 2011 - Comments

Computers are just shiny boxes. There, I said it. So why do over 1 billion people log on every day? It’s all about software. Software transforms this plastic block into something magical, something that lets you see the world in a different way and helps you interact with other human beings.

We use software to stay in touch with friends and family, to help us with our workload and to enjoy our spare time by catapulting birds into pigs. So, with software being such an invaluable part of personal computing, one would think the delivery of it should be of the upmost importance. Right? Well, it wasn’t always as easy as it sounds…

Installing Software: A big problem with an even bigger solution

You’ve got to remember Encarta, right? Wow. If you wanted to educate yourself about something trivial you’d throw disc two into your CD tray, pray it wasn’t scratched and wait an unbearable eternity to find out the weight of a whale’s tongue (by the way, it weighs as much as an elephant. Encarta wasn’t wasted on me). You’d actually have to leave the house and go buy the software at a store, too! Incredible. However, as much as the past is somewhat laughable, this process really defined an era. Sure, software goes waaaayyy back, but this primitive form of buying, installing and using software lay the foundations of what was to come.

Fast forward a few years and you could finally find, buy and install software right from your computer thanks to the evolution of the internet. Many companies still offer this process today as a way to obtain their software (we still offer Wunderlist as a direct download from our website). It’s just not as optimal as it could be, for both users and companies. Well, lucky for us, Apple invented the Mac App Store. The Mac App Store consolidates all of these actions into one single place. You can search, buy, install and upgrade right from the comfort of your couch in a much more streamlined way. Gone are the days of shopping carts and serial numbers – say hello to the heart stoppin’ one-click shoppin’.

The Mac App Store for users. What’s the deal?

Maybe you still enjoy dunking your software CDs in disc cleaner every once in a while, but you’ve got to admit that the Mac App Store offers users an incredible experience. I’ll highlight a few awesome pros:

  • The best place to find applications – From spotlight features, to categories, to democratic reviews – the Mac App Store is the best place to unearth some hidden gems.
  • Ultra update portal – Ok, so that isn’t the official name, but the Mac App Store offers you a single place to manage and implement your application updates.
  • Multiple installations – Quick! Put that product key down! With the Mac App Store you can simply sign into your account and re-download all of your apps in one go. No messy business. Simple.

###The Mac App Store for 6Wunderkinder. This is the deal

When the Mac App Store was announced, we were blown away. The impact was even more pronounced for us as a startup – this entity offered us greater global exposure than any marketing campaign had done in the past. We’ve mentioned the pros for users, but what would this do for us? Well, we hoped it would…

  • Increase our userbase – With thousands of potential customers on the Mac App Store, we wanted to place Wunderlist in the prettiest shop window on the planet.
  • Make things easier for you – We wanted you to read honest reviews on Wunderlist, and manage updates in one place.
  • Show our true colors – We wanted to show you that we care. We wanted to help other people that hadn’t found Wunderlist yet. We wanted everyone to become more involved with us, as a company, too.

So, did it pay off? Well it would be a pretty dull blog post if it didn’t.

Before and after – The numbers

Our first two weeks on the Mac App Store were incredible. It far exceeded our expectations. Excluding the Mac App Store statistics, we’ve already hit some amazing numbers – we have over 850,000 registered users worldwide and our userbase growth is bigger (within a year) than companies like Evernote reached in a year. We’re on track to hit one million registered users this year, too. These figures are great for any startup, but no company should enjoy the status quo too much. Startups constantly need to push, and our venture onto the Mac App Store has only improved things for us.

We’ve collated some figures that really highlight the impact and power of the Mac App Store. We tracked the number of Wunderlist Mac downloads and new user registrations two weeks before entering the Mac App store and two weeks after. Check it out. (click the image for a larger view)

We had a 3270% increase in new registrations two weeks after. That’s an incredible figure. We had a 902% increase in downloads too. If this doesn’t speak volumes, I don’t know what does. The figures are by no means drastically subsiding either, we’re still seeing a good number of downloads and new user registrations as I write this. It goes to show how many new hands you can place your product in – thanks to the Mac App Store.

Before and after – The impact on the 6Wunderkinder brand

I’ve read many articles from companies discussing their journey onto the Mac App Store. Most of them contain very detailed information about Mac App Store download numbers, new user figures and statements on the added exposure. Much like I’ve already discussed.. duh. But to overlook the wider implications of how the Mac App Store can affect the company and not just the product is a waste of potential insight – especially for startups.

Every good product has a good company behind it. Wunderlist is our way of getting you interested in 6Wunderkinder – all the while helping you with an indispensable product. It’s no secret that we have Wunderkit, our next game-changer of a tool, on the way and the more users that like us as a company the better. So where does this tie in with the Mac App Store? Put simply: with your app shining on the Mac App Store, people have a tendency download it, look into who’s behind it, and become exposed to your future plans. It’s a simple chain reaction that has the huge potential to accumulate new interest in your intended goals, which is invaluable for budding startups.

Do we have some hard data to back this up? We sure do. Following our Mac App Store release we saw a 60% increase in 6Wunderkinder.com page views. You guys were checking out our cool ‘about’ page, weren’t you? Either way, people were interested in the company behind Wunderlist. We also had double the amount of views on our Wunderkit page.

Considering it’s currently an unmarketed site, it’s incredibly impressive that our new users have dug that deep. Hopefully many of the visitors are now following us on Facebook and Twitter too, patiently awaiting our Wunderkit announcement. While we’re on the subject of social media, take a look at these Facebook and Twitter stats:

We gained 3 times more Twitter followers and Facebook likes following the Mac App Store release. We now have all of these extra people following our every footstep, in real time. We tweet and post on Facebook quite regularly, and many of you probably use your iPhones and/or iPads to check these streams. So what about figures for our iOS downloads? Surely they didn’t increase too?! Well, they did. (click the image for a larger view)

A 153% increase in iPhone/iPod Touch downloads and a 86% increase in iPad downloads – without any extra updates submitted to their respective App Stores. It’s amazing how an application for a specific platform (in this case, the Mac) can cause such a snowball effect. Many more people around the world are now carrying Wunderlist with them everywhere they go, and that’s priceless (like Wunderlist itself, woohey!). The Mac App Store is really a stone dropped in water – the ripples can extend to unexpected places. Sometimes it’s nice to think beyond the obvious and watch those ripples right to the shore.

What have we learned?

Aside from the increase in downloads and new users, for longevity – and ultimately a bright and prosperous future – you need a good product. We’ve invested an incredible amount of time, effort and tears into Wunderlist, and the Mac App Store really highlights this for us. As it’s such a user-centric platform, we feel incredibly proud when we see Wunderlist at the top of the productivity category, or parading a 5-star review. We hit the Mac App Store Frontpage twice in a row too, which seriously melted our hearts.

All of this love, respect and praise comes from you, and for that we are eternally grateful. With your product up to scratch, there’s no reason you cannot do well. Just never forget your users. You can have the best product in the world, but without communication and insight from them you’ll never be what you could be.

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