Wunderlist on the New
Samsung Chromebook 2

May 15, 2014 - Comments

We’re excited to announce our first pre-installation deal with Samsung, on the all-new Chromebook 2. Just like Wunderlist, the Chromebook 2 is designed to help everyone get things done faster and easier. With no downloading required, simply click on the Wunderlist icon and you are off. It’s also coming with a whole free year of Wunderlist Pro!

We are talking 12 free months of increased productivity with our Pro features to help you accomplish even more. As one of the most popular devices used in schools, students will be able to take charge of group projects, keep track of homework and check off those chores at home. For educators, preparing and organizing your classes will be a breeze.

(image:1.jpg width:545px class:retina-image title: ChromeBook )

Making learning together, easier

What would you do, if you wanted to learn about Moore’s Law? We’d Google it on a device just like the new Samsung Chromebook 2. It’s packed with a bunch of smart technology at an incredibly accessible price. Together with Wunderlist pre-installed and a whole free year of Wunderlist Pro, a new generation of students, educators and Samsung Chromebook owners will accomplish more, right from the very first moment of opening their device.

In addition to the Wunderlist Pro premium features, your new Samsung Chromebook 2 also includes all of your favorite features including Tagging, Notifications, Reminders as well as the ability for Voice Input. You can download Wunderlist for Chrome, by clicking below.

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