Wunderlist Packaged App
A whole new Chrome experience

July 17, 2013 - Comments

The new Wunderlist for Chrome packaged app takes the world’s most popular browser to a whole new level. It delivers a native-like experience, including desktop notifications and the ability to work offline, to keep you productive from any device. If you’ve been wanting to use Wunderlist on your Windows, Linux or Mac desktop computer, but can’t install it at work, Wunderlist for Chrome is your solution. Same goes for any proud owner of a Chromebook!

### Voice Input
Check out the ability to dictate your to-dos. If you get a brilliant idea, all you have to do is click on the microphone icon. This way you don’t lose your train of thought.

### Tagging
Just like it’s Web App counterpart, Wunderlist for Chrome lets you add #tags like you would on Twitter or Instagram. For example, if you’re entering a list of places you want to visit, add each city to any list followed by #vacation. From there, you’ll be able to click on the #vacation tag to filter all relevant to-dos into one list.

### Desktop Notifications
Stay up-to-date on team progress with alerts outside of the Wunderlist for Chrome window. Desktop notifications provide all the details you need in a clean and simple format keeping you free to work out of any window you’d like.

You can use the Wunderlist packaged app on any device with a Chrome browser including your Windows PC, Chromebook, Linux, or Mac. So, whether you’re at work or using a netbook, you’ll be impressed with your new Web experience. To be the first to learn about other new features, follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.
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