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April 25, 2013 - Comments

Today we say hello to your new teammate: Wunderlist Pro on iPhone, iPad, Mac and the Web (with Android and Windows coming next week). Wunderlist Pro is here to help you, along with the rest of your team, achieve great things together! So, gather up your team, and let’s walk you through the details. Oh, and before we get started, here's a quick tip, please be sure you read the entire blog. Towards the very end we will also fill you in on some nice new updates for all our free users! Now, let’s talk Wunderlist Pro.

Say hello to Wunderlist Pro

Wunderlist Pro ensures that working in teams is a whole lot easier, more collaborative, productive and, well, fun! Simply put, Wunderlist Pro is the cherry on top of the free Wunderlist you already know and love.

Assigning tasks with Wunderlist Pro Choose between more backgrounds with Wunderlist Pro Manage your account and subscription in profile settings Sort your to dos by assignee, dates or alphabetically on Wunderlist

By upgrading to Wunderlist Pro, you’ll unlock a more powerful feature-set that is focused on team collaboration, giving your business and team a major productivity boost. So, what are we talking? Well, with Wunderlist Pro we are taking one step at a time. First, focusing on the features that matter the most to you and then steadily growing Wunderlist Pro to become the most-powerful, yet simplest collaboration tool out there.

Wunderlist Pro will launch with the one feature you’ve all been asking for: Assigning, allowing you to delegate to-dos to other people in your team. Over the past weeks we invested all our energy and love into making delegating responsibilities with Wunderlist easier than ever. We want to make collaboration simple and beautiful, true 6Wunderkinder style.

All users, both Pro and free, will be able to see who a task is assigned to in any shared list, making it a breeze to work with any member of your team. To give you an example let’s say Benedikt, Jan and I are all sharing the list 'Wunderlist Pro Launch'. Benedikt is a Pro, while Jan and I are free users. Benedikt can assign to-dos to both Jan and myself, and everyone — both Pro and free — will be able to see who is assigned each to-do. That way I know that it's my responsibility to "write the blog post" and Jan will know that he has to "create an awesome blog header image". And, since it’s easier to show than to describe, we made a nice little video for you:

By focusing on small steps, we’ll be able to move fast while taking all your feedback and feature wishes into account. Our goal is to build a tailor-made product experience. It's no surprise that we here at 6Wunderkinder use Wunderlist Pro every day. In fact, we're already working on the next Wunderlist Pro feature. It's one that we miss in our day-to-day lives, and no doubt one that many of you are wishing for too - Files. Soon you'll be able to attach files directly to a to-do and share anything you need to with your colleagues, improving collaboration outside of just the to-dos.

Wunderlist Pro for the price of a grande chocolate mocca frappucino
(or a good Berliner currywurst)

We’ve given Wunderlist Pro’s pricing a lot of thought. In fact, you may have even seen some tweets pop up in your timeline about it. That’s because we’ve been doing pricing research with a selected segment of Wunderlist users. We just didn’t want to go with what we thought would be fair, we really wanted to make sure that Wunderlist Pro is priced at a level that everyone can afford. At the same time, we also want it to be fair for us: it’s a price that will enable us to continue making Wunderlist even better in the future. By generating a little income we’ll be able to deliver you bigger and better updates as well as new features. Now, let’s get down to specific numbers.

Wunderlist Pro arrives today for just $4.99 (USD) a month or $49.99 (USD) a year. To download Wunderlist Pro head to your store of choice – Mac App Store, iOS App Store or just visit our Web app. For the moment the prices are per person. However, in the near future we will offer a group billing option, to make it even easier for you and your teams to access Wunderlist Pro. We promise it's sitting at the top of our list!

Wunderlist gets an update too

Wunderlist Pro arrives at the same time as a major update to Wunderlist. As a free user you can also expect a host of on-going improvements, starting today with the arrival of the all-new Action Bar. Here you are provided with one-click access to email and share lists, as well as printing and one of the most requested features - sorting. Now you can easily sort by due date, alphabetically or by assignee. Want to know more, take a quick look at our tutorial video.

You can now also see the creator of to-do (in a shared list) as well as the date via the Detail View and Activity Center. With the arrival of Wunderlist 2.1 we will no longer support Mac OS X 10.6 in order to ensure a fast, reliable and high-quality experience with every new update in the future. If you’re running on OS X 10.6 you won’t be able to upgrade or receive new features, but you’ll still be able to use Wunderlist as you know it today and can get the latest features by using our Web app. Wunderlist will continue to be developed and will always remain free, now and forever.

Fun isn’t the enemy of work

A large part of our company culture is making sure we have fun when we work. It’s a philosophy that we’ve imparted into Wunderlist since the very beginning.

It’s because we believe that fun and productivity go hand in hand. If the tools you use are simple, beautiful and fun, you’ll be a happier and more productive person. We want to keep delivering that exact experience both with Wunderlist in your personal life and now with the arrival of Wunderlist Pro in your business too.

We hope that you really like what we’ve got in store for Wunderlist and our new Wunderlist Pro. So as always, now it’s over to you, tell us what you think and leave us a comment.

P.S. We have more updates coming your way, including the arrival of Wunderlist Pro for Android and Windows very soon, so don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ for the latest!

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