Wunderlist reaches more than 100 million tasks

July 4, 2012 - Comments

Sorry that we’ve been somewhat MIA lately with regards to our blog. We’ve been incredibly busy working away behind the scenes on our products, doing some fine-tuning with the backend, tinkering with features and without giving too much away, working on something completely new. We’ll have more news to share soon, so stay tuned.

During our focus time we forgot to celebrate with you two of our biggest milestones yet. So please chill the champagne, buy some party supplies and get ready to commemorate this occasion with us! Last month, Wunderlist reached over 100 million tasks created and performed its 1 billionth sync – insert a happy dance here.

We love that you’ve enlisted the help of Wunderlist to assist you in getting your stuff done, no matter what it may be! So we’re now taking the time to celebrate with you, our users, who without you we would’ve never reached such a milestone! The celebration doesn’t end today, however. Like all good celebrations we’re going to make it last and we’ll be hosting a party in our home town of Berlin to celebrate all of Wunderlist’s achievements. We’re talking beer, music, and a whole lot of fun (including happy dancing) – and you’re invited! So join us on Facebook, Twitter and/or sign up for our newsletter to receive your invite.

While we’re counting down to the party, we’d like to say thank you for downloading Wunderlist, creating lists, adding tasks and sharing with your friends, family and colleagues. We hope that with the help of Wunderlist your productivity has increased, you’re ticking off tasks like a total boss and achieving great things, easily.

With all these tasks being created you must have some stories to share. So tell us what do you use Wunderlist for? Making sure your partner doesn’t forget to pick-up the milk on the way home? Organising your best friend’s birthday party or to help you get your new business idea of the ground?! We want to know how Wunderlist has helped you achieve your milestones, so go on – share it!

Thanks again for all your support and hope to see you soon in Berlin for the Wunderlist party.

P.S. To all the Wunderkit users out there, we are analyzing all the great beta feedback you have sent us and are right now working on pimping the backend for you. Stay tuned for more.

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