Wunderlist to the Rescue
Farewell Astrid

May 7, 2013 - Comments

We had just launched Wunderlist Pro on Android and Windows when we heard the news that Yahoo! acquired Astrid. Our engineers again quickly got to work and have created a simple tool to help the Astrid community safely import their tasks into Wunderlist. As with weddings to plan and team projects to complete, no one has time for a disruption when it comes to managing personal and professional to-dos. So, without much further ado, let’s get started.

Head on over to astrid.wunderlist.com and follow the three simple steps below to automatically import all of your Astrid to-dos into the always free Wunderlist:

  • Step 1: First things first, log into Astrid in order to access all your lists.
  • Step 2: Transfer all of your to-dos by connecting to Wunderlist or easily creating a new account.
  • Step 3: We’ll send you an email confirming that all lists have been successfully imported into Wunderlist.

Once you’re all set-up, it’s time to start exploring Wunderlist. You’ll notice familiar features like Reminders, Recurring Tasks, Subtasks, and Notifications. Thanks to the ability to share lists and to-dos, working together in Wunderlist is 100% hassle free. Better yet, Wunderlist is available across iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android, Windows and the Web so you can stay on top of your to-dos from just about any device.

Need something a bit more powerful? For just $4.99 (USD) a month or $49.99 (USD) a year, upgrade to Wunderlist Pro and bring collaboration to a whole new level. With our shiny new Assigning feature, you can delegate tasks across teammates and track everyone’s progress. With Unlimited Subtasks, you’ll also have the ability to break up larger business goals into smaller tasks. An additional eight backgrounds makes productivity all the more beautiful.

Whether you go Pro or stick with the basics, with Wunderlist as your daily companion life is about to get a whole lot more productive. After all, you’re here to get things done and we’re here to stay.

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