“Your Wunderlist Story” Winner Builds a Clinic in Jamaica

July 29, 2011 - Comments

I spent the last few weeks reading over 300 stories submitted through our “Your Wunderlist Story” competition. First off, a big thank you to everyone that participated. I was lucky enough to indulge in a great collection of heart warming, thoughtful, humorous and really quirky stories from our users around the world. While reading some of the stories, I laughed so hard that the entire office could hear me, yet other stories left me teary-eyed and awestruck by the way people’s lives were transformed by Wunderlist. Here are a few of the standouts.

Meet Seth Cain, an American who helped set up a medical clinic in the small city of Browns Town, Jamaica. Although Jamaica has government-funded health care, many Jamaicans live far away from the country’s medical facilities and lack the transportation or means to get the care they need. In a short period of time, Seth and his team were able to make a big difference. They set up a clinic with a triage and well-stocked pharmacy that offers patients a range of medical services, including exams and makeshift minor surgery.

Each day, the clinic serves between 80 and 100 patients. Usually organizing an effort of this scale takes considerable effort, but Wunderlist made it simple. While setting up the clinic, his team shared to-do lists to ensure that they had everything packed and ready to go. They also created a list to maintain and manage their inventory of medicines, eyewear and other supplies. With this list, they could be sure that they had all the supplies necessary to run the clinic. If a supply began to run out, they would add a date to the item’s entry to know when they had to restock. Each and every night, his team shared lists and updated them to stay in the know on all aspects of the clinic’s operations. When they returned home, they were able to use Wunderlist as an archive of the operation as they had used it to record what they had done and the supplies they had used.

“Wunderlist was just a simple, intuitive way to manage our moving parts and make this trip a success. I never had to show someone how to use it. Kudos for that. And it actually became sorta fun [to] answer questions with, ‘It’s in Wunderlist’.

  • Seth Cain

Congratulations, Seth! You are the winner of this competition. We hope that this new iPad will assist you and your colleagues in future medical mission trips abroad. With this new device, we hope that you continue to use Wunderlist in new and inspiring ways. The 6Wunderkinder team thanks you for all of your great work in Browns Town, Jamaica.


I really had a tough time selecting the winners of this competition, so I’ve decided to showcase 3 brilliant runners-up who will all be awarded with stylish 6Wunderkinder t-shirts and 6W stickers. :)

We asked our users to tell us how they use Wunderlist. One awesome submission I came across was a video entitled “The Sticky Situation” with a soundtrack that included music from one of my favorite composers, Ennio Morricone. This video must have taken countless hours to create and really showcased the talent of Tiemen Waterreus (21, Netherlands). Glad you could save some trees with Wunderlist!

Brad Chin aka Bradtastic (24, USA) submitted a post from his personal blog that explains how Wunderlist helps him manage the difficulties that arise from his physical disability. With his limited mobility, his life is filled with an unusually high number of tasks such as taking medication, letting people know where he is going and remembering where has to be and why. Brad needed a good tool to help him manage his life. This is where Wunderlist enters the story. He was looking for something that was affordable because of the high costs associated with his physical disability but also available on every device because a desktop computer is often difficult for him to use . Using Wunderlist, he set up reminders to take medicine, stretch, exercise and stay hydrated. To assist him with these tasks, he shared these lists with his family members and friends. Sometimes even getting from point A to point B is a challenge for Brad, and it delights us to know that Wunderlist has changed his life for the better.

“I hope my story and use of Wunderlist helps other disabled people get things done just a bit easier – Brad Chin

Last but not least, meet the brother and sister pair of Mollie and Tom Hill. An ocean separates them, yet they remain connected through their use of Wunderlist, which they describe as “a virtual creative cord”. Wunderlist magically unites Tom’s crazy creative left-brain in Perth, Australia with Mollie’s strategic right-brain in Singapore. Together they are developing a new TV show, and while living apart allows them the creative freedom they need to kindle new ideas, they also need a way to collaborate, and our app makes that possible. They use Wunderlist as a virtual blackboard on which they jot down short sentences and keywords to record their ideas for characters and story lines. Writing a TV show is an involved process, but Wunderlist makes it simple, letting them capture, organize and quickly share their ideas with one another. Hey Mollie and Tom, please send us a copy of the TV show when it is finished; the 6Wunderkinder team would love to watch it!

Again, a HUGE thank you to our users for opening up, sharing your stories with us and introducing us to all the wonderful ways you have made Wunderlist a part of your life. The thoughtful and original entries really blew me away, and I look forward to showcasing more of your stories to our readers. Please continue to send us your stories. We love reading them because they motivate us and remind us that our products are helping people all over the world. The best stories will win nice fan packages that include t-shirts, stickers and other surprises! In addition, if you work for a startup that uses Wunderlist to manage your business, please send us an email with your name, logo and some pictures so we can showcase your work to our readers. Cheers and have a lovely weekend everyone!

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